Thursday, April 25, 2019


And that water is life
The water that surrounds us before our birth
The water that cushions us from our mother's movement
Water is life

Without which we would die
When the hot sun beats down upon us
When the shimmer of the heat rises from the tarred road
We dip our feet in the cool water that meanders round the trees
Our tongue cries out for water
Our body itches
Our feet swell
Water heals
Water is life
Leaves turn brown, shrivel up and die
Lizards dash across the sand on tip toe
Flicking their tongues under a leaf when they see a drop of dew
Water is life
Birds with their beaks shaped like long straws slurp up the collected water
Relishing the mixture of water and nectar
What ecstasy!

That is how we should live life
We should relish it
Life is to be lived
Lived to the fullest
In honour of the creator who freely gave life
We came with nothing
All we have are the dreams
We will go with nothing

(C) Mariska Taylor-Darko 2018
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Adinkra Symbol
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