Thursday, April 25, 2019


I never told you this
But love is blind
When I think about it,
In fact, 
when you also experience it
You will know love really is blind.

I never told you about this
It's the sort of blindness that can send you out of your mind
You are blind but you can see,
You cannot face the reality
But only see your fantasy.

For the sake of this love
You fight your friends,
They have suddenly turned into your fiend
When they try to open your eyes
That are hiding behind rose coloured glasses
All you see is the grass that is not greener on the other side

Heart beats,
Thump thump
Love is blind
Today I am telling you about this
I never told you before
But now I see
You are falling into a bottom less pit of love
So beware
Be alert
Before cupid’s deceiving bow
Strikes you with a blow
And makes you blind. 

(c)Mariska Taylor-Darko 2018

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