Thursday, April 25, 2019

I am from

Turns to a star right before my eyes
This town of mine twinkles the mere sight of me
The hills of Aburi cry out, climb me
Come home my daughter
For you have been long gone
Across the sea to Abrokyire*

Makola market shouts above the noise made by the women trading their wares
My daughter come home
Come home and be a part of me
I walk down the beach that I have missed so much
Labadi Beach, that held memories of my youth
Running wild
Natures child
I am back
Back to where I am from
As though  I never left

The streets fill with people
Of different tribes
Wearing colourful clothes
Encircling me
Hugging me
I am back
Back to where I belong
Where my ancestors made the mark
Cut the path
For me to chart
To rise above
But always to return
Back to where I belong
© Mariska Taylor-Darko 2018

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Silver from Ghana

Adinkra Symbol

Adinkra Symbol
"Sankofa" Go back for it!!