Monday, September 19, 2011

The Chief

Nana Ahwew VII - Tufuhen of Abra Wiomoah - Abrah State - Central Region - Ghana
Fontomfrom, Fontomfrom
Nana oreba ooo Nana oreba ooo
The king sat on his throne
looked around at all that was his home
heavy is the head that wears the crown
the weight on the shoulders will wear him down
the spirit of the ancestors are with him
but he has to bring the spirit from within
to help in his rule
and protect his stool
and win the hearts and support of the people around
Nana tinase, Nana bre bre Nana bre bre
kete- kete- kete- pan
(c) Mariska Taylor-Darko 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mini Mini Shoe Market

The sun was bright
It was hot and sticky
Market traders were out
Customers being picky
Suddenly in front of me
Fantastic colours appeared
Dazzling my eyes
I saw the trader whose
The road side shop was
Full of multi coloured shoes

Monday, August 15, 2011

Fruit Glorious Fruit by the roadside

The wonderful colourful fruit
designed to entice the eyes and mouth
calls out "buy me now"!

Rhythms of Poetry in Motion

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Sea Shore


Sitting by the sea shore when dusk was setting in and the tide ebbing out
Was a peaceful moment for me,
The sand was damp in between my toes
I could still feel the warmth occasionally
When the wind stilled and all I could hear was
The water gently slapping the rocks besides me
The sky was red, orange, blue and grey
A combination that was wonderful to see
The gulls flew low on their way home
And the boats had their sails down, gently sailing
In no particular hurry to get back, so it seemed
The thoughts I had then were peaceful ones
I just sat and absorbed in the beauty around me
The crabs and seaweed seemed intertwined and moved in unison
One going sideways on its own fee will
The other having no will of its own was rolled about
Whenever the sea rolled in and out
If only life could be so peaceful,
Instead we fight against the nature of life
And end up tearing each other apart
Instead of rolling together in unison
We fight and hate and destroy
The very things that we love
Every grain of sand told a story of ones life
The ups and downs the joy and sadness
But it was the feel of the sand between my
Toes that I would have loved to have as the feel
Of life in my hands, smooth, flowing gently with
No obstacles and lumps and just the breeze to
Slightly change its direction before it landed and joined
The sand lying beneath my feet.



It creeps on you without you realizing it


There may be so much going on around you but its there


The silence, which was once welcomed, now changes to


The wide bed, which once was enjoyed, now shouts


No one to chat to, no one to gossip to, no one to stop the


Friends may be around, may call, may laugh and joke but in the end it is still


No unexpected phone call, no whispers of ‘I love you’ only


No touch when no one is looking, no secret glance into my eyes, only


No answer to the call of ‘I need you’ no SMS to let me know that wherever you are, you are thinking of me only


Friends may declare love but love without commitment leads to loneliness

The loneliness of staring at the phone, looking out the window, enough to drive you into the deeper pit of loneliness

Why did you leave me alone?

Why did you have to go?

Why did it have to end?

Why did you leave me with such



Silver from Ghana

Adinkra Symbol

Adinkra Symbol
"Sankofa" Go back for it!!