Friday, June 6, 2014


(Written after the death of the late President, John Evans Atta Mills)

WHY does death come like a thief in the night?
Why do the best ones die first?
Why? Why?
A mighty oak has fallen,
Chopped down by the hands of death.
The Asumdwehene* has gone to the ancestors.
Why? Why?
The gentle man with comforting words,
Humble disposition,
Welcomed around the world but at home “Huuum”!
Even the Good book says “a Prophet is not honoured in his own town.
He has shaken the dust of this town off his feet without defeat.
Why? Why?
Why did we have to wait until death put his icy hands on him,
Before giving citations and heaping praises on him.
His heart can no longer burst with joy and pride,
Why? Why?
Mother Earth has claimed her son,
Mother Earth has taken him away.
Only God knows why.
Why? Why?
Asumdwehene look down with kindness upon us from the heavens,
Your mark has been made.
Your stamp embossed in the books of time,
Never to be erased
Your name will be forevermore on the lips of the people,
ong after the ballot boxes have been emptied and packed away.
Why? Why?
Asumdwehene –
Our King of Peace has gone to his ancestors.
But his name will live on!
Why? Why? Why?

(*Asumdwehene - King of Peace)
(C) Mariska Taylor-Darko


Love is something sweet
Something strange,
It comes in many different languages
But means the same
Feels the same
No matter where you go.

The far away look in your eyes when you think of that special person,
The warmth inside not caused by outside heat,
The anxious wait for time to pass,
Time which somehow drags on and on,
Like a turtle on its feet.
What is it that makes you feel love so much?

There is no age limit to this feeling,
The young feel it,
The old feel it,
The rich and poor feel it,
Every living being feels it.

Time stands still,
Sounds disappear,
All you remember is the feeling,
That sweet feeling of love,
That you wish would never end,
Love really is something sweet!


Mother of the people
The voice of the voiceless
The giver of life
You swore to be available morning, noon or night

the village will suckle on your breast
the get life giving food
you should comfort the weeping
from day break until they are sleeping

you should light a flame
In the young girls hearts
be a role model
before their motherhood starts

Ye gena ma wu
Ye sore ma wu
titipan titipan bre bre bre bre

heavy is the head that wears the crown
but you wear it well
Mother of the children
make them proud
and stand out from within the crowd

The Dream

Why do I ache for you all the time?
You were just a dream
But when I awoke it felt real to me
And now all I do is force my memory to remember what you looked like in the dream
And how you felt
And how you looked at me

As I go about my daily moves
I feel like someone watching me
When I look up I seem to think
That you were behind me
I shake my head and say to my self
I must be dreaming
I must be getting mad
How can a dream bother me the way you are bothering me

I look up from my window one day
And standing in front of me
Is the person who made me feel that ache
Feel that that craziness
Feel that confusion
Standing in front of me

Beckoning to me

Is the person in my dream.


Who is the other woman?

The one who loved totally and got back partially
The one who waited and understood when no understanding was given
The one who hoped when there seemed to be no hope
The one who cried when there was no one around
The one who prayed but knew that the answer would be long in coming
The one who could not complain when time together was short
In case you forced the cards into the other hand
The one who listened to “am I not here with you” and had no answer

Why then be the other woman?

Because the love was snatched before the mind could think
The feelings expressed before the heart could catch up
The sweetness of the moment overshadowing sensibilities
The tenderness overwhelming
The friendship overpowering
The promises confusing
The love felt so sweet that you felt there was hope
But the waiting makes your heart ache
Your mouth dry
Your pressure rise
And still you live in hope

One day when sense overcomes dreams
Dreams that may or may not materialize
When pain has exhausted itself
And loneliness so familiar you give it a name
That day you will want to eat out of the same bowl
That day you will want to share the same bed
That day after the heart has long bled
the other woman will want to become the only woman


Silver from Ghana

Adinkra Symbol

Adinkra Symbol
"Sankofa" Go back for it!!