Thursday, June 6, 2019


There are times when one wonders what the future will hold for us all.   We are just here because God has sent us. 
He has given us a short time to do something good.

When we finally come we get ourselves into so many different problems and somehow we manage to come out of them.
He guides us and we don’t even know it. 

What a wonderful God he is.

All that he requires from us is that we trust and obey Him.
Even that is difficult for us to do.

Friday, April 26, 2019


I come from a place where everything is always everything And time is nothing
Reality the laughter of a child

Happiness the feeling around me

Time never changes.

It rained and homes got flooded,

In my child like eyes I saw puddles to play in,

Streams to jump in,

Ponds to swim in,

Not knowing that for adults, 
Time had become nothing

Time had stood still,

Their only thoughts were to rescue chairs and floating across my imaginary lake.

I laugh at a chair floating past with a cat sat on its arm,

He looked funny.

"Look" I said,

Stepping up to try and grab him,

Arms pulled me back,

I tried to get slack

To put the cat into my imaginary sack

But I run out of luck,

He had nine lives and jumped off,

As a barrel rolled by and pushed the chair against the lodged car

That got stuck in the mud.

"Look" I cried, "Look at the cat,"

"Be careful", someone said,

"We are in a flood that is dangerous,

Caused by the rainstorm."

It seemed times stood still,

Nothing changed,

It is the norm,

Floods after every rain.

Who cares if the poor are washed away and end up with no where to stay,

Who cares if they cannot find shelter and walk around forlorn and running helter skelter,

Who cares if they go hungry and suffer, while the rich live in  affluence,

Throwing away things that could feed a whole village.

The flood just washed away what little they had,

While the rich just say it is the government who should help.

They say in the media "Why do the poor live near flood prone areas,"

"Why do they suffer each time it rains,"

The rich live in luxury and blame the poor
Who try as they may cannot get any help

No help from the rich,

No help from the government,

No help to help  themselves get a better life.

But I, a child, only looked at the cat sitting on the arm of the chair floating by .

 (c)  Mariska Taylor-Darko 2018

Thursday, April 25, 2019


And that water is life
The water that surrounds us before our birth
The water that cushions us from our mother's movement
Water is life

Without which we would die
When the hot sun beats down upon us
When the shimmer of the heat rises from the tarred road
We dip our feet in the cool water that meanders round the trees
Our tongue cries out for water
Our body itches
Our feet swell
Water heals
Water is life
Leaves turn brown, shrivel up and die
Lizards dash across the sand on tip toe
Flicking their tongues under a leaf when they see a drop of dew
Water is life
Birds with their beaks shaped like long straws slurp up the collected water
Relishing the mixture of water and nectar
What ecstasy!

That is how we should live life
We should relish it
Life is to be lived
Lived to the fullest
In honour of the creator who freely gave life
We came with nothing
All we have are the dreams
We will go with nothing

(C) Mariska Taylor-Darko 2018
 pic from

I am from

Turns to a star right before my eyes
This town of mine twinkles the mere sight of me
The hills of Aburi cry out, climb me
Come home my daughter
For you have been long gone
Across the sea to Abrokyire*

Makola market shouts above the noise made by the women trading their wares
My daughter come home
Come home and be a part of me
I walk down the beach that I have missed so much
Labadi Beach, that held memories of my youth
Running wild
Natures child
I am back
Back to where I am from
As though  I never left

The streets fill with people
Of different tribes
Wearing colourful clothes
Encircling me
Hugging me
I am back
Back to where I belong
Where my ancestors made the mark
Cut the path
For me to chart
To rise above
But always to return
Back to where I belong
© Mariska Taylor-Darko 2018


I never told you this
But love is blind
When I think about it,
In fact, 
when you also experience it
You will know love really is blind.

I never told you about this
It's the sort of blindness that can send you out of your mind
You are blind but you can see,
You cannot face the reality
But only see your fantasy.

For the sake of this love
You fight your friends,
They have suddenly turned into your fiend
When they try to open your eyes
That are hiding behind rose coloured glasses
All you see is the grass that is not greener on the other side

Heart beats,
Thump thump
Love is blind
Today I am telling you about this
I never told you before
But now I see
You are falling into a bottom less pit of love
So beware
Be alert
Before cupid’s deceiving bow
Strikes you with a blow
And makes you blind. 

(c)Mariska Taylor-Darko 2018


Silver from Ghana

Adinkra Symbol

Adinkra Symbol
"Sankofa" Go back for it!!