Monday, September 19, 2011

The Chief

Nana Ahwew VII - Tufuhen of Abra Wiomoah - Abrah State - Central Region - Ghana
Fontomfrom, Fontomfrom
Nana oreba ooo Nana oreba ooo
The king sat on his throne
looked around at all that was his home
heavy is the head that wears the crown
the weight on the shoulders will wear him down
the spirit of the ancestors are with him
but he has to bring the spirit from within
to help in his rule
and protect his stool
and win the hearts and support of the people around
Nana tinase, Nana bre bre Nana bre bre
kete- kete- kete- pan
(c) Mariska Taylor-Darko 2011

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Adinkra Symbol

Adinkra Symbol
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