Thursday, April 25, 2019


I wait for an answer
Not from you but from God,
I have cried all these years waiting to hear from him,
Why did he take you away?
I searched deep inside me but I had no answers.

Together we were like peas in a pod.
Nothing could break us apart
Despite the objections and family situation.
Our love held us together
My yin and your yang
My aura and your power
Your strength and my gentleness
Made us the envy of all around us.

We were sentenced to be together
No chance of freedom from each other
Who wanted freedom in this situation?
Our judgement did not come from man,
Men who made mistakes and regret years later
This was judgement of the heart
Cupid’s arrow hit not one but two hearts.

One day I could not find you,
Our love must have angered the gods,
We did not heed the warning
That the gods were jealous gods
I searched high and low
With my downcast spirit in tow
Following me around
Not making a sound
But I knew it was around me
Already aware that I had lost thee.

Your body was brought to me
Wrapped in a white shroud,
The scars and scratches still raw
As though you had been struck with a claw.
That was the day my heart died.

On my knees I screamed to God,
Pain racked my body
As I clung to my own self
Arms wrapped around me
Rocking me tenderly
“Why oh why?” I cried out to God
“Give me an answer, do you not know everything?”
I lost you just like that.

Now I wander around like a lost soul searching for my love.
I know I have lost you.
(C) Mariska Taylor Darko 2019

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