Monday, March 24, 2008

The Wedding

The families sat in a circle

His to one side, hers to the other

This was the day she made a husband of my brother.

The elders sat in anticipation while our Father gave his speech

Our proud mother looked around her

While the young ones sat at her feet.

Words of wisdom came from around

The dowry was passed around

The groom sat twisting his hand

Worried, in case there would be a change of plan.

The elders nodded with approval

At the things set out on the table.

Bring her in they said

And we all turned our heads

To look at the girl who took my brothers love

The game to break the ice started,

She came in with her head and face covered

Her friend and sister behind her

Their faces covered too

Is this the one you want to wed

Pointing to the friend instead

No said my brother,

They pointed to her sister too

Is this the one you want to marry

No said my brother,

Pointing to the bride they said

Is this the one you what to wed

Yes my elders, my brother said.

He takes a step towards his queen

Lifts the veil and his face beams

The real bride is here, this is my wife to be

He pulls her close for all to see

We now accept your proposition,

Our families have made their investigations

Will you accept this man today?

She blushed and turned to them to say

It is my wish dear fathers of mine

To be the wife of this kind man.

Rings were exchanged

Libation poured

Gifts exchanged

And the crowd roared.

Dondoo dondoo dondoo

Aware so aware so aware so

They sat together with their parents

Not knowing what the future holds

Music played

People danced

This was the beginning of their trip

Into the unknown world


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