Sunday, March 23, 2008

I Smile

I want to dedicate this poem to someone not here today……….

When I hear the crickets in the night, and see the twinkling of the stars,

When I feel the breeze on my cheeks and in my hair

I smile

The leaves rustle gently, the distant sound of a car going fast down the lane, the sudden quietness for a moment

Makes me smile

I hear the drumbeat far away

A group of dancers probably at play,

The tears filling the eyes quickly blinked away,

I smile

Your love is eternal,

It never faded away,

I still feel it in me

Every minute of the day.

I stare into the distance

See the mist on the hill darkened by shadows of trees,

Swaying in the gentle breeze

And I smile

Your touch kept me going

Your moves kept me in the groove

Your smell kept me intoxicated

That is why I still smile


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Adinkra Symbol
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