Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Old Tin Roof

The rain fell hard on the old tin roof

And sounded like pearls dropping on a glass table.

The sound was muffled and deep,

The air was heavy and damp, warming the room,

Through the window the sun's rays came in at an angle

Leaving warmth upon our feet.

As I lay on the bed, my eyes scanned the room,

How can that precious moment end so soon?

You lay by my side watching me,

A smile formed across your face as our eyes met,

No words were spoken but we both knew what happened to me

Certainly happened to you.

You weren't tender or slow,

The passion brought on an unexpected glow,

Your thighs entwined with mine,

Covered in sweat,

It was as though we had just met.

The rhythms of your moves made me feel the groove

The grip of your arms made me feel so safe,

The kiss of your lips on my cheek made me feel high,

The caresses of your fingers on my thighs- oh my,

Nothing, not even the rain on the old tin roof,

Could stop that moment when time stood still,

That time that revealed the moment of truth.


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