Saturday, September 5, 2020

Dilemma of an Emigrant


There are times when one wonders what the future holds for us   

Are we just here because we have been sent to make a change? 


We move from one continent to another

Seeking greener pastures

We, as Africans, give up our homes and flee to the land of the free

Alas, we may have made some money,

But life is not like roses and honey

The journey may have been fruitful

Acquiring degrees and accolades

But right before our eyes tunes are played

That let us know this is a temporary stay

You can never be free


The drums of home call us back

Tells us we are not wanted because we are black

Come home come home

Coming back will fulfil that dream

You can make that change

With the knowledge

And do something good

That was the reason why you were sent

Not to abandon but to bring back knowledge in abundance

We cannot grow if we are stagnant

Only by journeying and moving,

Can we make that difference.


© Mariska Araba Taylor Darko  August 2020

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