Saturday, September 5, 2020



Accra – Kumasi…Accra Kumasi

This call was deep in his heart,

Whenever you asked him what he would do when he went back home

He’d say that his dream was to ply the “Accra Kumasi” route.


Floors were scrubbed,

Music was played,

Strange languages were learnt

Different foods were eaten

Many friends were made all with the aim of

Plying the “Accra Kumasi” route.


Music was played in streets,

In night clubs,

In hotels,

In all kinds of bars and open places.

Every type of music,








There were late nights and long days

Walking in the hot sun and cycling in the winter snow,

Just to ply the “Accra Kumasi” road.


Finally the day came when the dream was realized,

The truck was bought, taxes paid,

 Unions were joined and stations registered.


Reality shattered dreams,

Roads were bad,

Authority corrupt,

Loads were heavy,

Drivers pushed and stressed

Tried all means to get their daily bread

But still the dream hung on.


Ten years later, 

out in the night, 

all was still and quiet on the long unsafe road, 

suddenly with a crash and a bang the “Accra Kumasi” 

dream ended on the “Accra Kumasi” Road.


Rest in peace all drivers who lost their lives on the Accra Kumasi Road


(C) Mariska Araba Taylor-Darko  6 March 2004

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