Friday, June 6, 2014


Who is the other woman?

The one who loved totally and got back partially
The one who waited and understood when no understanding was given
The one who hoped when there seemed to be no hope
The one who cried when there was no one around
The one who prayed but knew that the answer would be long in coming
The one who could not complain when time together was short
In case you forced the cards into the other hand
The one who listened to “am I not here with you” and had no answer

Why then be the other woman?

Because the love was snatched before the mind could think
The feelings expressed before the heart could catch up
The sweetness of the moment overshadowing sensibilities
The tenderness overwhelming
The friendship overpowering
The promises confusing
The love felt so sweet that you felt there was hope
But the waiting makes your heart ache
Your mouth dry
Your pressure rise
And still you live in hope

One day when sense overcomes dreams
Dreams that may or may not materialize
When pain has exhausted itself
And loneliness so familiar you give it a name
That day you will want to eat out of the same bowl
That day you will want to share the same bed
That day after the heart has long bled
the other woman will want to become the only woman

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