Wednesday, October 17, 2012


She was shackled at eighteen
Young innocent and blind
She never listened to reason
Through rose coloured glasses he seemed so kind
She though his jealousy was a sign of love
But as usually happens, he clipped her wings of a dove

She changed because of those chains
Her petals closed no more to bloom
The light in her eyes locked behind a watery gaze
Her heart was filled with permanent gloom
He had clipped the wings of the dove

She grew thin with a heart of stone
Saw no joy in his kind of love
Felt no happiness with his wealth around
He clipped the wings of his beautiful dove

She killed him!
She cried
Not from inside but tears that quickly dried
The caged bird cried “liberare”, Free at last
The cry of freedom, emancipation and liberation
His death was her salvation
No more would he clip the wings of the dove

Free at last
“Crime of Passion” they said

With new wings of a dove
Reborn like the phoenix
She would soar away
To enjoy her freedom
Never to be shackled again by love
The total bliss of L I B E R A T I O N
Free at last
Free at last

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Adinkra Symbol
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