Friday, September 12, 2008

The Dancer

The dancer moved to the drum beat 

His expression full of heat 

His neck moved in unison with his feet

 His hands told a story His eyes spoke of things past, present and future 

His beauty enough to move you 

His feet moved gracefully 

His body twisted and turned like a piece of leaf in the hot sun 

 His muscles rolled and jerked to the pulsating rhythm of the drum beat. 

Every so often his cloth slid down his hips and his graceful fingers pulled it in place 

The movement so slight you’d hardly notice. 

The drummers drummed in a trance 

Their rhythms vibrating up the soles of our feet 

The dancer kept on talking with his body 

Sweat run down his dark muscular flesh 

Only to fly off him when his movements jerked,

 Or when he jumped and landed on his feet. 

There was silence then a shout when the dance ended 

Women with brightly coloured scarves wiped the sweat off the dancer to acknowledge the beauty of the dance 

The dancer’s glazed eyes sparkled 

His lips turned up in a smile 

His spirit came back inside him 

The spirits of his forefathers had entered him 

During the rhythms of the beautiful dance


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Adinkra Symbol
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