Friday, September 12, 2008

After the Storm

It is dawn and all is still,
The smell of settled dust and washed leaves fills the air.
The sky, once dark and threatening turns blue
The birds sing and chickens cluck over upturned food.

When the storm came, all was lost,
Nothing seemed right,
No movement was heard in the night except the beating of rain on every
Available surface like drums beating the war cry.

All night long the rain came down, the once welcomed trickle turned into a nasty storm
What was once beautiful turned into a nightmare
It was a great storm, a turbulent time that one thought would never end

Everything changed the day you died
Eyes lost their sparkle,
Smiles disappeared,
Laughter stopped,
Happiness just faded into a distance.
The dull ache stayed permanently just below the womb
you know the place, that bottomless pit

Now the storm is over,
The calm that followed was a shock
The distruction clearly visible
The effects of the storm showed in various ways.

Things that were up-rooted were things that were washed away.
Others were destroyed
Some so far gone that there was no repair.
Others like the seeds just floated along, settled and started to flourish.
The weak was removed and the strong became stronger.

The rays of light touched the heart, melting away all fear,
The terror that once held one captive disappeared

What was the purpose of the storm?
We'll never know,
but out of it came a certain understanding,
a certain peace,
a certain calm,
a certain strength and a determination to go on and on and on.

written 30th October 2003

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