Sunday, April 13, 2008


Down the forest path,
The man swung his cutlass with his right hand to the left and to the right.
His look was intense,
The pipe in his mouth, unlit, was clenched between his teeth.
Occasionally he stood still, looking ahead or listening for sounds,
from his left shoulder hung his gun.
He acted strong and brave, and walked like a man
muttering under his breath and glancing behind at something.
Sweat gleamed off his bare chest,
dropping off him like beads of crystal clear glass.
What was causing his distraction?
What was the problem?
Why the muttering and kissing of teeth?
The grass in front of him parted as he swung the cutlass,
and closed together as he passed through.
Suddenly a clearing, edged by palm trees appeared.
The man entered this sandy area and stood staring at the disturbed grass.
A woman appeared shortly after him.
She was muscular but pain showed in her face.
On her head was a three feet high pile of wood.
On her back was a baby fast asleep.
Besides her was a toddler holding a banana leaf and in her right hand
a small jerry can of water.
"Woman!" He shouted, "do you think I’ve got all day?"
"Stupid useless woman!!"
Who really was the superior?

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Adinkra Symbol
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