Wednesday, April 2, 2008


If I could fly
Oh what would life be like if I could fly.
Not be a fly but be able to fly.
I would soar over the hills and watch life below me
Moving about like ants viewed from above.

If I could fly I wouldn’t need to stop at check points or
Face the men with big bellies asking “papers please”
Sometimes forgetting the please and rubbing their
Greedy hands in glee because they know that no matter what
You have to get to the other side, so they get ready for their bribes.

If I could fly I would visit places I had read about in books,
Seen on the news and watched in films,
Money would be no object
I would just go until I dropped
If only I could fly.

If I could fly I wouldn’t be stuck in traffic jams
Wouldn’t have to pay ridiculous fares to get from A to B
I would just put on my protective clothes and away I would go
Arriving on time.

If I could fly, I wonder how I would feel
after going through the fog or,
After being burnt by the suns rays going through the depleted ozone layer,
After breathing the fumes of the industrial cities,
How would I really feel?
I might just leave the flying to the birds who have no choice but to fly,
Think of what we non fliers have created for them
Pollution, fumes,
Think of what would happen to them if they could not fly,
They would live and we who could fly would die.
copyright MTD

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